Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to provide of any proof of English proficiency?

Yes. If the current medium of education or the previous mediums were in English, please provide an official letter signed by relevant authority indicating that the language of education was English. For applicants from non-English education institutions, please provide TOEFL and/or IELTS scores.

Can you give more information on the expected work sample?

The aim of the work sample is to understand the academic level and the academic English level of the applicants. For this reason we expect applicants to provide academic papers only in English.

Is there a separate form to apply for scholarship?

No, every applicant is considered for scholarship, based on academic merit. Please provide a statement of financial need with your application to become eligible for scholarship.

I am an undergraduate student. Can I participate in the Summer School?

Unfortunately undergraduate students are not eligible for the Summer School. MiReKoc Summer School only accepts graduate students (MA and PhD level) and junior experts working in the field.

What are the specific procedures to apply for travel and training scholarships that are available to displaced persons from Syria?

It is necessary to refer to your displaced status on your application form and email, as well as providing your current résumé and a statement of financial need. In case other documents cannot be provided (proof of English, reference letter, written work sample), face to face or Skype meetings will be held with the MiReKoc summer school organization committee.