Research Methods and Ethics in Migration Studies

MiReKoc International Summer School 2020

Research Methods and Ethics in Migration Studies


Dear MiReKoc Summer School Lecturers, Participants and Applicants;


We hope this message finds you in good health. Amidst of this COVID19 crisis, we wish you physical and mental wellness, strength and patience.


We would like to inform you about the implications of the COVID19 pandemic for our MiReKoc International Summer School 2020 in collaboration with IMISCOE, on “Research Methods and Ethics in Migration Studies” which is scheduled for 6-17 July 2020 at Koç University Rumelifeneri Campus. Considering the rapid spread of COVID19 and evaluating the projections for the upcoming months, we have decided that the best way forward is to cancel our Summer School for these dates. We postpone it to a later date, however, unfortunately, we are not able to provide you a fixed date given the uncertainty of the circumstances.


We would like to thank to MiReKoc academics, Koç University’s administrative staff and IMISCOE training committee members, for the hard work they have already put into the preparation for the Summer School. We would also like to thank you for your interest and support. We will keep you informed on the developments, and we hope to see you among us on a postponed date. Please visit our Summer School Website to follow future developments on this issue.


Yours Sincerely,


MiReKoc Team.

Migration Research Center at Koç University, MiReKoc

The Migration Research Center at Koç University (MiReKoc) aims to advance the state of the art in migration research through original and innovative scholarship, academic collaboration, and dialogue between researchers, policy makers, international organizations, and civil society actors. Based in Istanbul, MiReKoc was founded as a grant-giving program in 2004, and over the past years, MiReKoc has become a hub for systematic research on migration in Turkey and its neighborhood, including the Mediterranean Basin, Europe, and the Middle East. MiReKoc is a multi-disciplinary research institute on migration studies that seeks to promote scholarly work and collaboration in the field through research seminars, summer schools and workshops, projects, publications, and other activities. MiReKoc endeavors to develop collaboration between migration scholars, civil society organizations, and policy makers to stimulate dialogue on new and existing research. To this end, since 2011 MiReKoc has organized the annual International Summer School, a flagship program bringing together migration experts from all over the world.

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