Cities and International Migration: Themes, Concepts, Approaches

17 July – 28 July, Rumelifeneri Campus, Koç University, Istanbul


The Migration Research Center at Koç University (MiReKoc) will host the BROAD-ER International Summer School 2023 entitled “Cities and International Migration: Themes, Concepts, Approaches”, which will be organized in cooperation with University of Amsterdam, Netherlands and Pompeu Fabra University, Spain, between the dates of 17th and 28th July 2023 in Istanbul.


While most migration-related areas remain stubbornly governed at national levels, cities increasingly appear as actors in the governance of migration through autonomy-building, city diplomacy, and governance by and through urban actors. A proliferation of scientific work on the role of cities in the governance of migration can be seen since the 2015 ‘migration crisis’, despite this dynamic dating back to the 1980s. Central governments increasingly outsource responsibilities tied to migration and integration to lower scales, pushing cities to claim more power in how migration is governed. The nexus between the dynamics of urbanization and migration, hence, raises significant research and policy questions for various areas (housing, labor markets, etc.) at different scales.

Migration and urban research have produced rich scholarship in their respective disciplines. However, that scholarship often remains tied to one of the two disciplines with little work successfully bridging both fields of research. It is thus necessary to move towards an interdisciplinary framework that enables a better theorization of the migration-urbanization nexus.

The EU-funded Twinning Project BROAD-ER aims for strategic networking and collaboration in the themes of internationalization of cities, their autonomy-building processes, and the detachment of local actors from formal governance. Thus, the BROAD-ER International Summer School 2023 addresses, amongst other themes, local governance of migration, Do-it-yourself migration policies, and city diplomacy.

The framework of the Summer School will include following subtopics:

  • Bridging urban and migration governance research
  • Building bridges across cities: migration and city diplomacy
  • Local governance of migration: autonomy-building of cities
  • Do-it-yourself urban migration governance
  • Cities and diversity policies
  • Beyond the national: the role of local actor constellations in governing migration in cities
  • Public representation of migrants, inequalities, and discrimination at the level of the city
  • Global challenges at the intersection of migration and urban governance
  • New immigrant destinations: challenges and opportunities beyond the metropolis
  • Multiple crises in urban area

More details concerning the program and the list of confirmed speakers can be accessed by clicking here.


The main objective of BROAD-ER Summer School is to encourage collective experience for early career scholars and professionals to work in the field of international urban migration. The programme includes two weeks of lectures, lab sessions and discussion sessions which will be led by distinguished international faculty members and experts in the field. The participants will have the chance of sharing their research agendas and ideas with these scholars in an interactive environment. The language of the Summer School is English. A certificate will be provided upon successful completion of the program. Additional requirements including an academic presentation and the submission of an original research paper of at least 7.000 words, will be imposed on those participants who are seeking course credits (3 ECTS).

The format of the Summer School will include:

  • Daily lectures with academics and professionals in relation to the subtopics
  • Plenary sessions with keynote speakers
  • Discussion sessions for participants to present their own research projects
  • Individual and group work assignments
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training
  • Field trips to Balat, Karaköy, Rahmi Koç Museum


This program is designed for graduate students and PhD candidates, early career researchers, policy analysts, NGO and international organization practitioners, as well as junior experts in the field. BROAD-ER International Summer School does not only offer expanding the knowledge of its participants, but also promises networking opportunities between them and distinguished faculty to enhance both parties’ research agendas. Applications from all over the world are encouraged.

The eligibility criteria are:

A relevant degree or equivalent experience in the field of urban migration studies;

An excellent working knowledge (speaking and writing) of English


All participants (excluding participants who are awarded scholarship) are kindly requested to organize and cover expenses for their travel to and from İstanbul, as well as their local transportation in Istanbul to Koç University.


The fee for the program is 1100 Euros. The fee covers all course materials, public transportation in Istanbul (Istanbulkart), social activities, fieldtrips, three meals a day and coffee breaks on lecture days.

The tuition fee for online participation is 500 Euros.

Tuition fee for the students affiliated with institutions from the IMISCOE network, UNIC universities and BROAD-ER partner institutions will be reduced by 30%.


The BROAD-ER International Summer school offers the following scholarships:

  • One scholarship will be funded on a merit basis.
  • Two scholarships will be given to earthquake victims from Türkiye (that took place in Kahramanmaraş and the surrounding 9 other cities on February 6, 2023) for 1 Turkish citizen and 1 non-Turkish citizen either under refugee status or temporary protection or is an asylum applicant.
  • Two scholarships will be funded for young professionals.
  • Two scholarships for participants from underrepresented backgrounds: Scholarships are available for two participants from underrepresented backgrounds, including those based on race, ethnicity, gender, and more. This scholarship includes flight tickets to and from Istanbul, Turkey.

Scholarships will cover the tuition, lowest-cost travel to Türkiye, all course materials, public transportation in Istanbul (Istanbulkart), social activities, three meals a day and coffee breaks on lecture days and they will be awarded to outstanding candidates.

A limited number of partial scholarships of up to 30% off from the tuition fee will be available for selected candidates from low & middle income countries[1]. Applicants who wish to apply for a scholarship should indicate their intention in their motivation letter with a short statement of their financial constraints. Please note that this is a non-profit program and the scholarships will be granted based on the availability of funds upon the completion of the application round. Scholarships are not intended for participants who can be funded by their own institutions. It would be appreciated if the applicants can present the unavailability of funds through their institution.

[1] Based on World Bank Data:

How to apply?

Please click here for the application form and send the following documents as a single pdf file to and

  • A current résumé
  • Proof of English: Following are accepted:
    • TOEFL and/or IELTS scores
    • BA, MA or PhD Diploma from an institution whose language of education is in English
    • An official letter signed by a relevant authority stating that the language of education is English
    • Publication or thesis in English language
  • One reference letter from employer or professor: The letter can be submitted by the applicant or separately e-mailed by the referees
  • Written work sample: Published or unpublished article, book chapter, thesis chapter and/or report preferably on a related migration topic, if applicable
  • A statement of purpose/motivation letter:
    • A paragraph on how you will benefit from this summer school. Please clearly indicate your specific developmental needs (e.g., publishing, reviewing, collaborative research, career issues, getting your first job, methods, etc.). If you will be applying for a full or a partial scholarship up to 30% based on financial hardships, another paragraph describing your fitness for scholarship.
  • If you are interested in presenting your work in the Discussion Sessions, please attach the following documents along with your application:
    • Doctoral/academic program including:
      • Affiliation
      • Main area(s) of studies
      • Name(s) of your supervisor(s)
      • Stage of your PhD work
    • Dissertation/on-going research summary: Description of your doctoral dissertation project (around 3 pages), including a title, a precise research question, theoretical framing, empirical research design and preliminary findings, and references. Your description should also clearly convey how data have been collected/analysed, and concisely indicate the academic field to which the thesis aims to contribute.


Early-bird application: 3 April 2023 (10% discount)

Application Deadline: 15 June 2023 (extended deadline)

Announcement of application results: Third week of June 2023

Deadline for confirmation of participation: End of June 2023

!!!(Limited applications are open until Friday, June 16th)!!!

If you have any further queries, check out the FAQs guide or please contact the BROAD-ER Summer School Team via